Randomly killing EC2 instances: A Terraform project

AWS recently made the Fault Injection Service (FIS) available in major regions. Time to do a Terraform project trying a new service.

Basic Setup


Two benefits resulted, one expected and the other not

I first came in touch with the 5 minute journal idea through a video from Tim Ferriss about note taking.

Why did it interest me?

Journaling has been practiced by famous and successful people (Leonardo da Vinci, Frida Kahlo, Mark Twain, …) and can be a highly effective way to…


A Terraform Project

When deploying application servers, the preferred architecture is an active-active deployment, where multiple instances of an application are running at the same time, serving traffic. The instances are also distributed among different availability zones, to mitigate a potential outage of a whole data center.

Monitoring Insights

A Terraform Project

Send CloudWatch alarms to Slack - really?

AWS CloudWatch is often used for monitoring the health of your cloud resources. The alarms can be submitted to an SNS topic for further distribution. Subscribers to the SNS topic receive the delivered messages.

This is the target picture:

Martin Graeber

Senior Solution Architect | Entrepreneur | Trainer | Infrastructure as Code | Terraform | AWS SA Pro | Cloud Security

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